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Automatic can sealing machine

Automatic can sealing machine is generally used in automatic production line, mass production line. Because the model is converted from the drilling machine, so the current domestic sealing machine are large and bulky sealing machine. Because of the higher cost, higher output, high technology, deep by the favor of large enterprises.

A, automatic can sealing machine:

This model is mainly used for automatic capping of cans. Production rates are generally 50 to 200 cans/min.


1. When the can flows into the sealing machine from the upper filling channel.

2. A can sealer that brings the can into the machine by a six-pronged rotation. The jar is capped by an automatic cap drop device.

3. Continue to rotate the six-fork at the next station, and the first roll of knife begins to pre-roll the edge.

4. Continue to rotate the next position with six forks. The second roll squeezes the edge.

5. Output of finished products.

B. Automatic vacuum nitrogen filling and sealing machine

This model is mainly used for vacuumizing, filling nitrogen and sealing the tank. The production speed of this type is generally

9~20 cans/min.


1. After filling the filling machine, the can flows into the rotary table of the can sealing machine.

2. The lid drop machine starts to automatically cover.

3. Turn the turntable to the first knife for pre-sealing.

4. Enter the vacuum chamber and vacuumize.

5. Controlled by the vacuum suction conversion valve, nitrogen enters the vacuum chamber and is sucked into the tank.

6. Enter the tank with nitrogen into the second knife to tighten the seal.

7. Output of finished products.

The introduction of above is simple introduction only, because different manufacturer, its working principle is different somewhat, specific understanding can look for relevant manufacturer.