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Large tank automatic grouting machine

The machine is the first design of our factory, with all intellectual property rights. It adopts the most advanced mechatronics, controls the filling volume with servo motor and touch screen, and completely changes the structure of mechanical volume adjustment. The sauce filling error can be controlled within ± 10g, and it can be filled twice, and the filling volume can be expanded to 9000 g.
technical parameter

封罐头数 Number of sealing heads 25~30罐/分
灌装量 Filling amount 400~4500克(触摸屏幕上可调整)
二次灌装量 Secondary filling amount 400~9000克
适用罐型 Suitable can 可调(无罐型件)
电机功率 Motor power 1.75KW
重量 Weight 900kg