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Seaming machine

This machine adopts the pressure head and chassis synchronized idler wheels, and it has a reasonable double crimping and sealing curve. It requires a small number of rotations, which ensures the stability of the quality of sealing. The diameter range of the sealable can is large (φ52.3~105mm), so there is no need to change the machine head. It can also be equipped with a steam spray device. It is the ideal sealing equipment for canning enterprises.
technical parameter

封罐工位 Can sealing station 4头
生产能力 Production capacity 200罐/分
适用罐高 Suitable can height 38~133mm
适用罐径 Suitable candia φ52.3~105mm
电机功率 Motor power 4KW
外形尺寸 Overall size 1455×1150×2000mm(长×宽×高)
重量 Weight 2300kg