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Large-can automatic sealing machine

This machine adopts the pressure head and chassis synchronized idler wheels, double hemming seals, and sprays steam to form a vacuum. Its main characteristics are the stable quality of the sealing quality, the reasonable head and capping, as well as the ideal sealing curve. Therefore, it is an ideal large tank sealing equipment.
技术参数 / technical parameter

灌装头数 Number of filling heads 4头
生产能力 Production capacity 100罐/分(1kg)
适用罐高 Suitable can height 110~280mm
适用罐径 Suitable candia φ123~153mm
电机功率 Motor power 4KW 6级
外形尺寸 Overall size 1420×1550×2100mm(长×宽×高)
重量 Weight 2400kg