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Filling and sealing combined machine

This combined machine is a high-speed sauce filling and sealing equipment that is independently developed and designed by our company. It is suitable for the cans with a filling capacity of 60g~450g. The equipment has the characteristics of accurate filling accuracy and stable sealing quality, thus being especially suitable for 539# (70g) sealing, and is an ideal equipment for different enterprises.

technical parameter

封罐工位 Can sealing station 6头
灌装头数 Number of filling heads 20头
生产能力 Production capacity 400罐/分
适用罐高 Suitable can height 38~133mm
适用罐径 Suitable candia φ52.3~72.9mm
灌酱容量 Can capacity 50g~450g
电机功率 Motor power 5.5KW
外形尺寸 Overall size 2700×1540×2050mm(长×宽×高)
重量 Weight 5400kg