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Large-can liquid filling machine

This machine adopts air pressure and same liquid level filling technology. It can be combined with KL-8 large-can granule filling and GT4B4B large-can sealing machine to form a large-can granule, flake, diced filling, juice filling, and can sealing production line, which is the first choice for large-can production enterprises.

technical parameter

灌装头数 Number of filling heads 10头
生产能力 Production capacity 100罐/分(1kg) 80罐/分(2.2kg) 70罐/分(3~4.5kg)
适用罐高 Suitable can height 110~270mm
适用罐径 Suitable candia φ105~153mm
灌酱容量 Can capacity 1~4.5kg
电机功率 Motor power 2.2KW 6级
外形尺寸 Overall size 1560×1598×2100mm(长×宽×高)
重量 Weight 1800kg